January 2020

November 2019

November 2018


January 2020


The + symbol has been deprecated. This symbol is now considered invalid syntax. It provided no value as most users perferred not to use it. To concatenate elements now, simply make them siblings to another element


Developement moved to typescript

No changes to how ftHTML syntax works but more enforcements for some use cases have been implemented to better support future features. This shouldn't have changed much, if anything at all, but it's best to always test your project with this new version

End users don't even need typescript installed to use since the js counterparts are included with the lib

Parser Redone

Overall better parser and lexer techniques

  • Compile time is now 90% faster! A file using imports with the old version clocked in at ~100ms to compile. A file with imports now is ~10ms, depending on the content of course. Building the ftHTML website, with a bunch of imports and templates (over 50 files) now only takes a whopping 103ms!

Changes to errors and error messages


Removed useless dependencies ('cli-spinner' was just for show, provided no value)

Moved away from 'node-dir' package to the 'glob' package because the features are more valuable

  • You can now use glob patterns for excluding directories. See examples here
  • NOTE YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE YOUR EXCLUDED ARRAY if you have saved them with some kind of task or script for building/converting

Introducing the fthtmlconfig.json file (out of beta). Review how it works here

  • Easily convert a file or directory to html by saving your configurations to a json file
  • When this config file is in your project root dir and you configure it to your liking, all you have to do is execute the `fthtml convert` CLI command from your root dir and that's it!


November 2019

Error handling

Overall better error handling & reports


Added support for basic templates

  • Use the new 'template' keyword
  • Every template requires an import statement
  • Set a binding properties value

String Interpolation

Added support for string interpolation. String interpolation currently supports variables and property binding

${ <@variable/title> }

Embedded Languages

Added support for embedded language tags

Current support for css, js and php

Enter raw input inside the tag for as-is parsing


  • Attribute values are now automatically converted to be wrapped in double quotes at time of parsing.
  • Updated VSCode extension to reflect error handling changes and new keywords
  • Added support (beta) for a config file to VSCode & CLI. Add 'fthtmlconfig.json' to your projects root directory for easier converting and exporting. The VSCode extenstion will automatically convert based on the settings on every save. The CLI will only need to use 'fthtml convert', depending on your configs. (Again, in beta).


November 2018

Hello World.