2023-2025 Roadmap

I have not been very motivated in working on this project for the last year or two because I am just 1 person doing everything (this is not a complaint, just transparency). From creating the features, updating changes to the language, documenting, updating the vscode extension and website in addition to a full time job

Don't ask why, but lately I've been really motivated to work on this language again, most likely due to my excitment for trying out Rust. This still isn't easy to manage when you want to also spend time with friends and family but I think if I just commit to a few hours Saturday's or Sundays over the next year I think I can accomplish my goals while balancing a healthy social life

If you would like to show your support and buy me a drink or sponsor the project, please consider it! Whatever the amount, just know it's truly appreciated and goes a long way in knowing others find value in ftHTML

- Freer

Mission Rust

It is my mission to completely shift how this language is created, for the better, going into 2024

After careful consideration, I truly believe Rust is a language that will assist in the frequency of which new features can be introduced to ftHTML

There are many reasons to use Rust but the key components this decision was made are built-in type safety, security, inherit speed and garbage collection free strategies

The biggest component of why the decision was made is WebAssembly (WASM). Outside of the obvious reasons of using WASM, this will aide in the 3rd roadmap item listed below in addition to removing the 'javascript' constraint from this language

Mission IDE

My goal by the end of 2025 is to be IDE friendly, for all popular IDE's, with all the development support like debugging and respective IDE functionality will be supported

The vscode extension will be polished and any currently found issues will be addressed

A WebStorm (idea product) extension will be created

Mission Web

This project will be entirely WASM based where appropriate

The ftHTML language will be able to be completely ran in a browser via CDN or otherwise (removing the need for node, but node will always be supported)

Add support for true templating, where one can use it much like others use Handlebars

Mission Extensibility

Once Rust is the fundamental language, features will be introduced to extend the ftHTML language that will make this a truly dynamic language for any and all scenarios for creating static HTML content. Examples like, but not limited to: